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Wacom Progress with the HULK

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  • Wacom Progress with the HULK

    Hey all I thought I'd show anyone intimidated by using a graphics tablet to draw/paint that progress happens! And I thought I'd show my progress with my fanart of the Incredible Hulk! The work runs in succession and I started working from a pencil drawing and moved on to working completely from the tablet. I found working from pencil initially, then inking on the tablet helped improve my skills no end so I'd recommend that to anyone thinking about using a tablet.

    First attempt

    More recent attempts

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    Looking nice shanoid. I would be careful when doing the Hulk that you don't make all of his muscles bulging all at once. It makes him look a little bubbly
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      Just to stay on model, you should avoid giving Hulk booty shorts.

      In each one the arms are weak. Brush up on your arm structure, and focus on drawing well, then coloring it up. Don't use the B.S. method of rendering the dickens out of a poor drawing with color.
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        Looks great. Nice progression.

        Using a Wacom required a sort of mind-flip.

        Also, I've found after using them for years, I would sink into an old man's posture of being hunched over, neck outstretched and my head cranked upward at the screen. Not a good idea to be in that pose for 3-6 hours.


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