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  • Cici

    Pencils by Joe Benitez, inks by Joe Weems

    Waayyyy back in 2003 I coloured this one up after finding the low res (but large scaled) B&W's on the character owner's website of (Parker Smart) At the time I coloured it in a marathon 14 hour single sitting and it was the best I could do back then (see the second picture here) I referenced the original colours by John Rauch at the time.
    I even got this picture published as part of a paying how-to tutorial in the book "Digital Sci Fi Art" by Mike Burns (With Parker's formal permission of course. Find it on, I'm on page 128/129...) which was one of my very first paying gigs ever!

    Fast forward to 2016 and I find my coloured picture posted up on Parker Smart's facebook page here. I "Like" them of course and make a comment that I'd like to give it another go if I could get the highres B&W's off him. Parker Smart remembers who I am and fires off the highres inks.

    So I've spent the 3-day weekend here in Western Australia colouring them up once again. This time just referencing my 2002 colours and trying my best to fix the errors and such made 14 years ago. (probably got a bunch of different errors in it now.... )


    I colour stuff...

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    There are things I like about each version, the water definitely looks better now. I remember back in the day bright and shiny was the way to go


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