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Fear - Everbrawl Entry

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  • Fear - Everbrawl Entry

    First EverBrawl Entry: Fear

    Playing around with a new digital software

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    I think it would help to add more contrast/shadowing. I won't critique more as I believe it's against the rules or something.
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      I havent seen any rules about critiquing, so critique away! i know there are a lot of issues in general with this, and it mostly has to do with me getting used to drawing with a tablet instead of on paper. i initially meant the bears other hind leg to be behind a log or a rock or something and once i started the background, forgot about it.
      and i know the anatomy and perspective is all wonky on the man being attacked.

      this was mostly an experiment in playing around with digital painting. so despite any critiques i recieve, this final piece won't be changing, but i can always learn something from it and apply it to the next drawing

      Any feedback is certainly welcome and appreciated
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