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    pencils by Diego Bernard
    inks by Alisson Coehlo (who is male btw..)
    colours by me

    This has been put on the back burner a few times as I did other pictures and various commissions, but now its finally done...
    I colour stuff...

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    Nice, but the colors are a little flat due to the blues all over. You could pop the skulls and figures out with a bit more rim lighting.

    I'd slap a color hold on the black flecks in the background to make them look like embers in this hellish scenery.

    Keep up the good work!
    New and improved for 1996!
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      "inks by Alisson Coehlo (who is male btw..)" Coelho, not Coehlo, wich means "rabbit" in portuguese btw...
      You are loosing those dark monsters behind that dark skye, i would find a way to pull the contrast.
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