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Wolverine vs Ichigo

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  • Wolverine vs Ichigo

    My first posting

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    Welcome To PencilJack!

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      Thanks! Sorry. New to forums in general. I normally troll.


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        Nice work. Very good finish. I'd say Wolverine's pose looks awkward but otherwise well done.
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          Thanks. I do agree. He looks a little put of place.


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            Watch your proportions. Your Wolverine's fists are as big as his head. A face holds 6 fists, a skull holds 12.

            The pose is unnatural and thus appears awkward. He walks like an Egyptian. The hip and shoulder should not line up: rotate hip 90ยบ counter clockwise, his right leg should be the forward leg. His upper hand, when above his head, rotates the palm out. His fist should be more 3/4 view. Too much bend in the wrist. Try a "line of action" from the elbow, through the wrist, through the knuckles, and out the claws.

            On a more personal note: I find him long limbed. Fine for Cyclops, not so much for Logun.

            Technical note (and rules were made to be broken, room for style, good grief it's a comic book etc): think about what the claws are and where they live. Claws pop and retract, they do not telescope or change shape. Total length must be shorter than elbow to wrist or those joints are locked when the claws are retracted. When extended, 1/3-1/2 of the claw must remain inside the hand. I'd shorten those claws by 75% but, that's me.



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              Very concise crit!


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                Great critique Smitty! I'll definitely keep everything you said into consideration for the next time I draw something. I was always taught in school that you should exaggerate on the hands a bit, but you're right...they're probably over exaggerated. Good stuff. I'll post more work!


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                  Exaggeration and cartooning go hand in hand but we have to consider where, when and, most importantly, why. When I draw Wolverine I shave off the top of his head to give him a more feral appearance. I redesigned the mask to the one you're using (originally, the edges on the black part of the cowl were round) to give his face a razor sharp appearance. Cutting things in half is Wolverine's big schtick, all his other powers revolve around it. I wanted a face that could cut you in half just by looking at you.

                  Think body wide physiognomy: A character should look like what they do. What does the Hulk do? Hulk SMASH! ooh, ooh, big honkin' hands would be great here!

                  Where you really want to exaggerate is in posing. In the Reader's Digest version of animation, the animator draws extremes (poses farthest up, down, left or right, squashed, stretched etc) The assistant draws breakdowns (those poses smack in the middle) The in-betweener draws in-betweens (everything else) In any animated sequence, the single most lifeless drawing will be the breakdown. The farther from the breakdown, the closer to the extreme, the more life your drawing will have.

                  You want balance but not stability. A pose that can be achieved but not sustained. A body under control but which must be in motion for the shot to work.



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                    A being new to the forum doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the rules and FAQ.

                    Every forum has them. They are there to help, so you should read them.
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                      Touche. I'm new to forums in general. Now I know there are rules and sh!t. Thanks!


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