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Lettering Practice - Judge Dredd Samples

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  • Lettering Practice - Judge Dredd Samples

    Hi I did some lettering with some blank practice pages from Judge Dredd.

    script - Gordon Rennie
    art - PJ Holden
    (See embedded text on pages for more details)

    I haven't seen the actual released version when I did these.

    Here are the last 3 pages:

    This was my first real attempt at lettering and I added in sfx where I felt it made sense. I tried not to cover the art but still keep things readable for print.

    I found that the dialogue was a bit heavy in some panels so I tried to break it up with multi balloons... I don't know if there are any hard and fast rules so I split them up where I felt there was a natural break.

    I'm still new at comics in general so any constructive feedback is appreciated!


    (Sorry if I posted in the wrong place but there wasn't an explicit lettering section)

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    If the stylized text is supposed to be basically impossible to read, mission accomplished. If not, I think you'd better find a more legible font.

    The other stuff seems pretty good to me.
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      It looks haphazard.

      If you're going to get into lettering, study the masters of the craft. Sound effects should accentuate the action, as should the flow of the text.

      Check out Sakai, Workman, and Orzechowski for starters.
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        First page, panel 5 is supposed to be unreadable but the rest of the alien speech is supposed to be "weird, alien looking" according to the script. Still, a more legible font with the weird bubble would probably work better.

        Thanks for the feedback.


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          I wasn't entirely sure about the sfx myself but I'll check out those guys out for sure.

          Thanks for the feedback.


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