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  • Pitt Commission

    Here's a commission I recently did of Dale Keown's Pitt. I started out inking with a G-pen, but midway through the process I got hold of some good Winsor & Newton brushes and I liked them better, so I ended up doing most of it with those.

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    Pitt looks cool, i would redo those smoke lines though . I can only imagine how hard it must be inking those with a brush.
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      It looks beautiful hanging on my wall too.
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        I hate you OrphanGrinder!

        (For all the right reasons )

        Brushes are just too great to ink with.

        Have you considered using a China Marker or charcoal to create some effects, or add texture to your work? In this case they could be used for the smoke in the backgroud, which would probably look great with your method. The sort of tonal stuff Dan Panosian and Andrew Robinson is doing these days.
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          @Josem -- yeah, live and learn. This was already out the door when I posted it, so no chance to make corrections. Those lines were actually done with a pen.

          @hydekomiksink -- So glad you like it, man! Thanks for the opportunity!

          @pencilero -- Haha, wanna be rivals? We can try it out, maybe move up to arch-rivals if it's going well...
          I've played a bit with textural stuff. The Japanese master Hokusai is one of my favorite artists, and after reading that he would use almost anything to make a mark, I experimented with like, twigs and leaves out of the backyard and stuff like that. Didn't come to much. Haven't experimented with china markers, though if that's what I think it is, I'm not really a fan of that look. I will keep it in mind to experiment with texture more in the future, though. If anything, probably a dry-brush kinda thing. Maybe in a Jordi Bernet kinda way. The brushes do make you wanna get a little nasty.


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