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Course they do! Course they do!

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  • Veritas71
    Yeah, you're right about the perspective. It is causing a lot of distortion. Its really making the all the proportions off, from locker size to the people extending back to the hallway behind the foreground girl. The floor would actually go through her shins. I would either raise the VP or, what I would recommend, go 2 point perspective to keep such distortion to a minimum.

    The nose ring girl also has proportion issues as well as a very unnatural pose going on. Her hand isn't grabbing the paper above her head, and the right leg has foreshortening issues.

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  • JT Molloy
    started a topic Course they do! Course they do!

    Course they do! Course they do!

    The opening page of Vol 3 of my comic The Sapphire Spectre. (A flashback dream-turns-nightmare sequence, the weird captions will make sense as it goes.)

    My perspective/proportions are off a bit I can tell at the very least but I'm mostly happy with it!

    Pencils/colors/words by me.

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