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grundy vs hal jordan lines (critiques welcomed)

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  • grundy vs hal jordan lines (critiques welcomed)

    hey guys. Haven't posted here in a while, but i thought it was about time to get back to it. I've gotta say reading the reviews and critiques here has been a great help to me as an artist, so thanks everyone for being so helpful as a community. This is a piece i did for inktober. basically showing a different angle of grundy's super move from the injustice game. Critiques welcome. tear it apart. It's the only way I'll improve

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    I really feel the force behind his movement in his pose, good job there. The figure in the foreground could handle being a bit bigger, and perhaps with thicker lineart; there's not much sense of depth between the two men. And also for dramatic effect it might be cool to have more of the headstone breaking off, a bigger crack running through it and bigger chunks flying through the air. I'm not an expert on anatomy but you did a nice job overall in that regard, that the front guy's back in particular looks really solid, good work! That 3/4 turned-away face looks like it needs a little more practice though, I'm not great at that angle myself haha but his chin looks too small and/or pointy I think.
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