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    Lately it's been little sketches like these that I'm spending more time on than anything else. I recently went through my comic book collection replacing the bags and the boards of some of my more cherished comic books with Mylar and acid free boards. As a result, I have a TON of these glossy backer boards laying around my studio. Rather than toss them out, I decided to recycle them by drawing on them. The type of drawings I work on these boards are similar in style to the Ragnarok Thor drawing shown here.

    I call these "guilty pleasure" drawings because for some reason, I am able to really just cut loose with these drawings. They're not very fussy, I scribble a few very, very loose pencil marks then I go straight to inks. Just like that, bam, I'm done. Kind of like fast food.

    At any rate, I'm excited that Walt Simonson is back on Thor, at least in his own "Ragnarok" series. Below is my homage to the thunder god without a jaw.

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