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Wonder Woman -Coloring

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  • Wonder Woman -Coloring

    Art by Oliver Nome, colors by me

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    Colors look good. I know you only colored this, but what the heck is going on with all these missing body parts? First Jean Grey is missing her right hand and WW is missing not one, but both feet! Yeeesh!


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      The Jean Grey hand thing yeah, that's an omission, but this? No. It's fine without feet. Ever since fanboys found out Liefeld couldn't draw feet a billion years ago there's this weird obsession with calling it out, even when it's fine like it is here. Sometimes to get the framing/size you want, you omit feet. The artist clearly has a grasp of anatomy.

      To the OP, nice stuff! I think the background is a bit "obvious photoshop paint tool" though. I'd rethink the colors on that or blend it better.


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