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  • X-Men

    It's time to introduce myself to the board! I've been trying to teach myself to draw for several years. I'm finally starting to improve, and break away from some bad habits. Usually I only see the mistakes in my own work, but I think the good is starting to outweigh the bad. So I'm putting this image out there to see what you guys think. I'm glad I found this site, it looks like a great place where we can all help each other take our work to the next level.

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    Welcome aboard Mr. H. A team shot is very ambitious. Here it feels like there is a lot of empty space between the characters. Compositionally speaking, flyers on top, big guys in the middle, and small/short guys in the front. Kinda like you would arrange wedding a photo. I also feel the simple gradient for a background is an afterthought. Try to plan the whole picture not just the team. A giant x in a circle, have the jet in the background, something interesting.

    Also the 'x' in your x-men has the top coming straight down, but the bottom of the 'x' extends back to the right. Looks wonky.
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      Thanks for the advise on composition - this is one of my first team shots and I'm sure I played it kind of safe. I haven't found a lot of information about composition in books and online - until I found this forum. Realizing how the eye is drawn (manipulated) around the page is a revelation! I'll challenge myself more on the next one.
      The logo is a vector version of the one used on Giant-Size X-Men #1. I agree that it looks strange. In fact, after reading your comment I realized the top doesn't have a vanishing point (or one that approaches infinity) and the bottom does.


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        i like the quirky style. i would try to overlap more some of the characters are close to butting up together like wolverine warpath cyclops and sunfire, it feels more natural and not characters placed haphazardly. a flat color or some texture background with some shadows to help ground the characters might help. good stuff though look forward to seeing more from you


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