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Werewolf vs Predator

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  • Werewolf vs Predator

    Here is a pic I drew last week.

    Let me know what you think...

    CWmax at DeviantArt:

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    that looks really cool. i like the fog. maybe make the wolf's face more angry, unless he does not know of the predator's suprise attack.
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      This artwork is gorgeous! A+ for the pencils, rendering, anatomy and elements. You are a master of presentation. Whilst technically out-of-this-world, the impact is totally down-to-earth (IMO).

      Although a mid-battle scene would be way more visually exciting, the feeling of suspense has much more potential with the scene you have chosen. I wonder: could you have developed it more at the conceptualization stage?

      If the werewolf had one paw on the roots, sniffing the air in the opposite direction of the predator, the tension would be much stronger. We would get a sense of the feral instincts of the beast as it hunted. If the predator were more underneath these gnarled roots, ambushing the mighty, mythical being, we would be left with the wondrous anticipation of these two horrific monsters and their ensuing battle.

      If I were your editor, these are the changes I would ask you to make. However, this is simply my opinion.

      You have created a very impressive piece of art: way to go!


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