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Boxing girl - re color

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  • Boxing girl - re color

    Hi guys.. I'm in a learning mode..and just finished recoloring this piece..
    Want to check what you guys think.. much appreciated in advance..

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    I don't have a lot to say on color, but you've got a lovely style, and I want to see more drawings!


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      I love it! Colours are a bit smooth and gradienty for my tastes, but the style and inking are just my thing. Lovely.
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        reminds me of Dan DeCarlo but a bit more modern. Looks great, and I always like seeing your work.


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          Love the colors, love the line work, LOVE the woman...

          hey, attractive lady... yea, I'm talking to you... (King Julian)


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            I remember the originals. Your color choice is better. The highlights make her skin seem plastic though. She has a hot spot on her head too where it should probably be shaded by the hair obstructing the implied light source. The highlights on her left arm should probably be as strong as the rest of her body (though again, all should be toned down). The reason I say that is, the light is strong enough to reach her leg and other parts very close but right in that one region, it's muted.. except the rim lighting.
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