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  • Nightwing

    pencils and inks by Art Thibert
    colour by me

    It's been a while since I did an Art T picture... and I've never done Nightwing before. His must also be one the most inconsistent costumes in the comic world. Apart from black and the electric blue, it seems just about anything goes with the rest of the design. I couldn't find anything that matched this costume exactly on google to use for reference

    I had the usual hassle with the background. I started doing clouds and before long had about 15 layers and a truly magnificent cloudscape background... and guess what you could see of the picture? That's right... the clouds... So I went a gutted all but two of the cloud layers, reduced the opacity and added some stars. There ya go..
    I colour stuff...

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    Very nice man! Looks good!


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      It's been pointed out to me by various fanboys (in that way only really hardcore fanboys can do it...) as well as Art Thibert, that this version of Nightwing's colours are the correct one for the costume he's wearing.

      With all the changes I've made since the original post I have now effectively coloured this entire picture twice...!

      I'd just like to say to DC... Make up yer freakin' mind!!!!. Nightwing has more variations of costume, colour scheme and general appearance than just about any other DC character I've ever seen.
      I colour stuff...


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