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  • Spider-Man/Black Cat Demo

    Hi there! I was on this site briefly awhile back, but have been re-lurking and plan on sticking around a lot more.

    In between working on my own graphic novel series, I decided to do a Spider-Man/Black Cat story to get my head somewhere else for a chance, have some fun and maybe have it be a demo. Here's some samples from it. I penciled, inked, colored and wrote it all.



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    I really like this. You have a good voice for Black Cat and the art is solid. Although, there is something about Black Cat's face in the second page that seems off to me. I think it is the eyes, they make her look too cartoony. Her claws in that page look too long, but that is just my opinion.

    I hope to see more of this soon. It looks like a fun story.


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