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    My colours on Fooray's lines

    i found a flaw in some of my recent paintings so i rtraced back to some techniqes my friend and mentor use to teach me along with alot of other critique i use to get, this one took me longer than many others but i think its cool, painting with a bigger brush seems best for me and using small ones for details.

    line art link

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    so no crits , nothing ?


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      Your light source seems to be all over the place, not coming from one direct point most obvious in the clothing, pants are dark, but the sweater light is every direction. Your background color is too dark you loose alot of your pick into it.

      Hope that helps.
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        I think it's really nicely drawn - and painted too, her skin and sweater look nice and soft. I like the pose a lot too.

        Maybe a shadow under her would be a nice touch. The background colour is a little unexpected - I kind of like it, as it is not a really obvious colour. But it is dark, if you add a shadow I'd be tempted to lighten it up.


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          thanks guys ill try ading in sum adjustments


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