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    Hey all,
    I think I've only ever posted in this forum once. I've got some catching up to do.
    Last year I did a drawing of Batgirl in here new leather/punkish costume in the style of a punk/hardcore gig poster. I decided to follow that up with 2 more, Black Canary and 90's Superboy. I might do one more of these with Guy Gardener or another DC character who fits the bill.

    Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

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    I like that old school super man , i wish they looked a bit younger though and more cute in a sense but awesome work


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      The batgirl realy caught my eyes. Lots of personality.


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        I agree - Batgirl is my favourite. Great face, nicely done - makes you look twice.

        Black Canary seems a tad "punched" - I'd almost make her middle-section a wee bit longer, but love the jacket and the crossed-arm pose looks quite natural.


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          Yeah, I reeeeeaaaalllly like that Batgirl, but the other two are cool, too. Agree with shaw about BC's midsection looking stunted.

          Nice work, man.
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            The Batgirl is the best of the bunch. Hands look umm. Pudgy?
            Her nose could be smaller and cuter. This would help to make her look younger. Right now, she's more woman than girl.
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              Dude, these are amazing. I think people are missing the point of the Black Canary one though ;-) I gotcha.


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                These are pretty cool. The Batgirl is my favorite one.

                Originally posted by mikeseriously View Post
                Hey all,
                I might do one more of these with Guy Gardener or another DC character who fits the bill.
                Guy would be a cool character to see. Which version are you planning on using? I would imagine that his Red Lantern look could fit well in this style.


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