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  • Hi, This is Efendi

    Hi ,
    I am from Turkey, this is my first post in this forum. I am interested in drawing figures. I recently developed an interest in drawing stories. I desire to see my figures live in a story. I need guidance from experienced members.

    Because I am new, I have difficulty in expressing what I have in my mind to comic, which is extremely unsatisfactory.

    Here are some of my sketch.

    Turning them into comics means inking them, and erasing the remainig pencil marks. When you erase the pencil marks they all turns into dull meaningless figures.

    Do I have to erase all the pencil mark?

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    Nice drawings, I enjoyed looking at them. You can make a comic just using pencil drawings - maybe not common in mainstream books, but there's been plenty of strips in pencil (and other mediums other than just ink and colour). You could also have someone else ink your work and see if you prefer their renderings.

    And just keep trying your own ink, of course. You can obviously draw well, you will develop your own inking style. But if you prefer pencil, well maybe develop your own way of telling stories that suits that. Illustrations with the story under it would be an obvious way of doing it in such a style.


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      Nice art.

      This should be in the finsished or sketch sections, not Tips and Tricks.
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