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A Raphael and a Gambit

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  • A Raphael and a Gambit

    Just two recent sketches I´ve done might play with them more, might not. tell me what you think.

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    amazing shading!!!!!!!!!1
    Originally posted by By some Guy


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      Looks cool. Maybe Gambits right hand doesn't look to be holding stick at all. It pretty much looks more like holding a flat piece of wood. Also the stick is a bit off.


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        That's a great looking motor cycle for a sketch. I think some of the foreshortening with Raph's limbs looks a bit askew, but it's a great place to start.


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          Actually I had to use photo refs for the bike because I didn't have a clue what to do for it. Probably spent twice as much time on the bike than the turtle.
          Got the idea for the raph from a dream I had where I was drawing pretty much that same drawing. first turtle attempt since I was maybe 13 (18 yrs ago)


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            Great use of photo ref. The bike came out great!
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              These look great,nice pencil work .My only crit. is the back wheel on the the bike .the bike is tiped toward us but the
              back wheel appears (aleast to me ) to be standing up straight.It shound tip just a bit,If you draw a line through
              the Axis you'll see what I mean.
              also you might want to put some foot pegs on there
              .Just my two cents.




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                oh yeah foot pegs. Knew I'd left off the mirrors, but hadn't noticed the foot pegs.
                You're right about the back wheel. it is a little wonky.
                I did that one in a bar and I did the wheels last when I was well buzzed. lol.


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