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  • King Kong & Anne

    Finally finished!

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    Kong's great!

    I saw the progress of this and liked the wip better because I feel the green on the right creates an imbalance. I wwill add the rock formation looks very flat against the beautiful colours of the sky. The style of dark outline you used for Anne doesn't fit the realism you have in the piece. It's not jarring but if you do outlines it needs to be consistent with the representations in the piece.

    Leave it for a bit and revisit it again with a fresh set of eyes. The strong light on Kong's face can be added on the rock formation, the trees and Anne's figure.


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      I like it overfall, but Anne's hair kind of blends with Kong.


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        Kong: outstanding! Looks nice; you captured the textures of his fur and flesh very nicely. Ann looks a little rushed and feels out of place beside the obvious love and care that went into Kong himself. Also, the background feels a little flat without something back there to give it depth of field.


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          Kong is amazing, but I have to agree with the ones before me, Ann is different in style and marks. Guess you tried to make emphasise the contrast between the two figures with the strong lines, but it actually changed the style. Also, her shape is cartoony, while Kong is really realistic.
          Maybe making the contours thinner and adding a strong highlight on her front silhouette and some shadows on her back would help her integrate a bit better. Not sure if you plan any correction. Great work anyhow.

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