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    Hey all!
    It's been a while since I've updated any art and also working on my Sailor Moon series. I had done this one a little while back! Hope you enjoy it!

    I've got sketches of the Outer Senshi, so I'm looking forward to getting those done soon too!

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    Ooh no, the freakishly small arms combined with the heavily referenced human face make this look creepy as hell. I don't know the style well myself, but if you're going cartoony, you've got to commit a bit more, and exaggerate everything, not just a few bits.
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      Well, rather than chibi-style this feels more like a child in Sailor Moon cosplay- with the exception of the adult face. If you're going for full chibi I agree with Jim that this isn't cartoony enough.
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        I agree with Jim, too. I'm not overly familiar with the style either, but everything that I have seen that was called "chibi" is typically overly exaggerated expressions and large heads with very stubby body parts. Nothing at all that is realistic.
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