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    I really liked the March PUMMEL category that had the artists take an existing character and remake them into the Punisher. It made me wonder what would Charles Xavier be like if he possessed Frank Castle's....view on justice. Talk about thought police. He could punish you for simply contemplating a crime. Yikes.

    I'm not happy with this drawing but when I have an idea I think is cool I get antsy to get it posted before anyone else has the same thought. I know that's stupid and no excuse for shoddy art but my mind is what it is. That and my wife needing me to video her for her two youtube blogs and I end up with about an hour to do the pic.

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    I actually saw this first on Deviantart, but wanted to comment here. I think you would have won the Punisher challenge with this piece as it is kinda terrifying to think of a vigilante version of Professor X. Oh the terror he would inflict on the masterminds and average joe's alike.
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