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  • House of Cards ink & ink wash

    Hey guys,

    watched the season finale recently – the series lost some drive :S But I made a piece, which is nice.

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    Nice forms on the jacket, I like how you did the pinstripes with the wash. Did you use photo reference on this? Suit jackets don't have pockets like that, and hands are kept in the pants pockets.

    Also, it kind of looks like she's coming out of his back, like they're occupying the same space. She's sort of disappearing behind him a little too much.
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      Hey Brandino,

      thx a lot! I made this while watching HOC but there were no explicit photo references. The sewed pocket every jacket has - how could I forget. When I read your lines it hit me like punch and I remembered wearing a tuxedo and witch no chance of getting your hand in the pocket.

      50/50. I started just doing a sketch of him, so I placed him in the middle. doe in HOC Claire, his wife, is such a important role, I needed to include. On first sight, you perceive him steering the wheel, but on second you see she is sometimes pointing out directions for him to drive – an interesting fact I wanted to reach by letting her be his shadow!

      But as always, the nice idea for a piece came to me whilst the progress… damn :-/


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        I've never seen the show so I don't know the characters, is she meant to have such a thin forearm?


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