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My take on the new Wonder Woman costume

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  • My take on the new Wonder Woman costume

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    I like this design a lot more in your style, man. Great work!
    One thing that seems a little off is her bust line. Her breasts are resting in a way that suggests there's no support underneath them- I'd push them up from underneath and out a little bit, and maybe have less separation between the breasts. More of a sports-bra look. Also I wonder if turning her head a bit toward the viewer (not straight-on, but a little closer) and giving her expression more personality. Right now it gives the impression she's looking at a bush or something just off screen, and has no strong opinion about it.
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      Made some adjustments based on the suggestion:

      1. Didn't redraw her head/face angle but did make her look toward camera and gave her a slight mona lisa smile rather than expressionless.

      2. Changed/fixed the breasts so they look more realistic under the shirt.

      3. Also added some very subtle shines on the red and blue areas of her costume.


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        I love the style, costume, inks and colors as well as the background. The only critique I could give (and I am horrible at critiquing) is that maybe it is her actual pose that throws me a bit. She looks a bit relaxed, almost slouched and unsure of herself instead of proud and warrior like. I think it is because of the forward stretch of her head and neck instead of being more chin up.Just my 2 cents. But It is nit picking, I really like the piece.


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          Great adjustment, nice piece!
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            Nice overall work. Very cool style and I agree about her slight slouch. It almost makes her look like she is shrugging.
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