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Approach to a Faerie Citadel

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  • Approach to a Faerie Citadel

    Digital art done using Wacom Cintiq companion and Manga Studio 5.

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    This is really cool, really like how you handled the foreshortening on the figures.


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      Love the execution, but the leaves in the very foreground hurt the overall impression of the piece, narrowing the "viewport".
      Without it, the piece would feel more open, and thus put more emphasis on the feeling of free flight.
      At the least you could open them up a little at the top and let the sky shine through.
      The chars are also a little close to the ground, if you would move the whole party up, and lose some of the riverbed it would also increase the feeling of height, plus nudging them closer to a golden ratio comp. Being digital, it should be rather quick to change things like that up.

      The citadel looks more like a tree-house village, for a citadel I'd like to see more functionality, for example a more structured concept of the buildings, e.g. : landing area, an exterior wall with a checkpoint-gate to check entrants for weapons and maybe try to change up the individual towers a bit, so they tell me a story about their purpose. Some are made for living, others for surveillance of the surrounding area. Maybe some factory or working building with columns of smoke coming out, whatever your fairies are up to could be shown in the establishing shot and would later make for a more comprehensive story when you go down there and visit all those places with your party of adventurers.

      The style and colors set up a great mood and I am already intrigued at your story, but the storytelling and characterization could be more compelling with just some wee little tweaks here and there.

      This being said, good job, post more!
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        Hy cciccioni,

        Pete said it all… I only could add that the treevillages donĀ“t look distant enough imo. Maybe you could blur the bg a bit or scale the other village down.

        Your color job is awesome!


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