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Pin-up girl, markers/pencils

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  • Pin-up girl, markers/pencils

    Hey, it's been a while
    Here's the latest addition to my art dump. I opted for markers and pencils for this one, having seen those great convention pieces by Adam Hughes. I tried to emulate something similar. I hope you like it.

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    This is really good, but the major thing jumping at me is her proportions. They are a little odd, her head to her forearm and her legs don't seem right.I love the style and the texture ofher shirt. Keep them up I want to see more.


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      Thanks, man. Yeah, I really rushed through the pencil sketch because I was really impatient to grab those markers :P


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        Nice stuff, Cozmo! As a fan of Hughes work, I think you captured the spirit of his work quite nicely. Is there some nitpicky stuff I could bring up? Yeah, but I'm so enamored with the colors and techniques that I can overlook the shortcomings. I would like to see the [presumed] reference piece you were working off of just for the sake of comparison. BTW, what kind of surface did you do this on? Whatever it is, it took the markers very nicely.


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          I think the top half of her looks really awesome, but I think the lack of folds/wrinkle rendering in the hip area of the pants, as well as the hastily-drawn boots (not from reference?) and also the way her foot isn't flat on the ground kind of bring it down. I really love the marker work though, and her pose and face! Very nice stuff
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