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  • Green Goblin

    something for the Weekly Sketch Group a while ago...
    cleaned it up a bit and added some colours. thanks for looking.

    disclaimer: any anatomical distortion or loopy proportions
    are fully intentional. it's meant to be a bit weirdo.
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    Rancid, like he should be. Thighs are a tad long.
    "Not a day without drawing" - Adolf von Menzel


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      The legs pose could be more dynamic and maybe grounded? Not really sure what he's doing. But the legs are identical, so not too exciting. Otherwise the anatomy is really cool looking and I love his face.
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        Looks good but the composition is simple and it doesn't look like great use of negative space. Not "fix it" stuff just something to keep in mind on future work.


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          I think since you described this as "something for the Weekly Sketch Group" it's somewhat immune from certain critiques, but why post it in "finished works?"

          Anyhoo, I don't mind the long thighs personally. Makes him look weird, which he is as a character so for me it works.
          I find the spittle a little distracting though, normally there's just be a long strand of drool but the extra droplets kinda look like he's actually spitting with force?

          It's weird for me to go on about spit, but it'd make a lot more sense if you drew him on the ledge of a building and he's just spitting on random people (or Spider Man, why not?)


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            awesome, i like it a lot


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              cool, thanks for the feedback, guys.
              and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.
              sorry, my description was a bit vague. to clarify: the pencil
              art was for the WSG, I added the colours/touch-ups at a later
              date and now consider it to be finished work, as in "I'm
              finished working on this."
              the pose is not so dynamic and the anatomy/proportions
              are wonky. two things going on in my head,
              the story: it's a Goblin-Gas induced hallucination.
              he hit you with a psychedelic pumpkin bomb, and you're
              tripping balls. all you see is a demon floating on a cloud of fire.
              for the pose/anatomy stuff, I was thinking of Nosferatu (German
              silent film) and his long spider fingers. I did a few thumbnails
              that had a lot more dynamic poses, but they came out
              too "superhero". someone just standing still and staring at you can be really creepy.
              as for the spit, ( thank you @JustinHubbell , I'm pretty sure this was my first
              "drool" critique) I was thinking, maybe not spit so much, more a toxic
              radioactive goblin-bile chemical milkshake. y'know, that sounds pretty good.
              I think I'm gonna' go have one right now.
              thanks again, guys.
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                Cool work, if you want to keep the right arm that long, the guy could scratch his knee, is up to you, but the left foot looks broken and If that shadow is his glider, i would bring it more to life. Dig your line.
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