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Marvel VS DC Villains Commission

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  • Marvel VS DC Villains Commission

    It's been a long loooong time since I posted on these forums. I really miss the interaction and critiques so I wanted to start showing my work around again. Here''s a large commission I took on, it's the first in a series of comic book Villains. Let me know what you think and if you're interested in getting a commission. Please check out my site also! thanks!

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    Badass commission, mate. How large is it?


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      Damn, dude! I'm gonna have to put some money aside to commission you one of these days.

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        Are these all separate files that you put together? It looks like you drew them as stand alones and put them together for a final piece.
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          A Collage of sorts...Cool!..
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            What Devilman said.

            Nothing about the composition says Marvel versus DC villains. It's just an assortment of villains at various scales, not interacting with each other.

            The villains interacting with each other would be great.

            Maintaining the scale of the various baddies, and composing your image based off of that would be even cooler.

            I'd suggest studying some of George Perez's pin-ups to see how to do a face-off composition with thematic consistency.
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              "VS" or "AND" or whatever, this is very very cool. There are some proportion issues, but your work is so stylized that I think it's unavoidable in some cases. Love that Thanos.

              Some shadows on the ground would eliminate the whole "colorforms" feel that it has.
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                Thanks Dri, it's on 4 sheets of A3 which is about 60x84cm. Carl, I'd be happy to take that on, thanks for the kind words!

                Sorry about the VS in the subject. This isn't a versus, the request was to draw certain characters and ideally have them not obscure each other. I would've loved to have them interact but it wasn't my call on that. I will still look at george Perez. I know his work but have never studied it. Thanks guys!


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