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  • Spider-man

    Final piece.
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    Hhhmm.... I don't know if him swinging away from us works for me. But I think you pulled off the angle.


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      Love the figure, and lighting, but that cheap gradient is killing this for me, period.
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        I think what hurts this more than anything is that there's no sense of direction, as in where he's headed. Because you chose such a dynamic reverse pose, it makes it difficult to know if he's flying up, falling down...what's he doing, other than letting go of one web and shooting another? Shooting another where? Up? Down? At buildings?

        I like that you gave yourself a difficult challenge, though and, like Deth said, you pulled off the angle.
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          Great angle, no crits there but that position would be great as part of something bigger like a battle with a villain or at least an actual background like him swinging between buildings. By itself, the figure is not enough to make a good composition.
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            Yes fat man swing towards a giant monster or something.


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              my critiques carry over from the sketches section whre you posted the WIP, but I'll also have to agree about the background/gradient as well.
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                Yep, gradients can be a trap. This was just a sketch that i took to far, not a planned cover, but yeah,New York would fit well there. Thanks guys.
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                  really cool pose. The colors are killing me though. The gradient and the color are really distracting. The red on spidey feels a little muted, maybe from the pink highlight.

                  I feel like if you take the purple/blue gradient completely out and remove the big web, it would be a really solid simple, iconic image.
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