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Colors over Jeremy Dale’s Skyward

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  • Colors over Jeremy Dale’s Skyward

    Hey Penciljack! I haven’t been around here for AGES- since sometime in 2013, I guess. It’s cool to see both familiar faces and a TON of new talent on here.

    I know a lot of you guys knew Jeremy Dale. We both started out here on PJ, and he was one of the creators I most respected and admired. I had the opportunity back in 2011 to color the first issue of SKYWARD, the series he created and drew. In 2012 and ’13, I was able to color several convention prints and commissions for him. Also in 2013, I became the regular colorist on several issues of SKYWARD before work obligations forced me to step away from the book in 2014. (James Rochelle and then Kathryn Layno were superb colorists for the book after I left, doing more imaginative work than I ever could have.) I had the privilege of meeting him in 2010 at Heroes Con in North Carolina, and our brief interaction was a genuine highlight of that whole convention.

    In November, I was shocked to learn that Jeremy had passed away suddenly. Hearing that such a great talent and wonderful storyteller was just gone was heartbreaking, especially somebody I’d been privileged to work with on a semi-regular basis. It wasn’t until the last couple weeks that I’ve had a chance to really think about the impact Jeremy has had on my life as an artist and inspiration, and I wanted to share some of the things I had the privilege of coloring for him. One thing I'd always appreciated about Jeremy’s art was that its high quality meant I had to stretch to keep up, not being able to halfass things or take artistic shortcuts. Jeremy made me a better artist just by being a fantastic one himself.
    I guess this is my tribute to a great storyteller who’s gone far, far too soon. I’m absolutely open to critique on the colors I did for him, too, of course. That’s what PJ is for, after all.

    I’m going to post these more or less in the order I colored them over the next couple days, starting with Skyward and including con prints and other projects.

    Anyway, here goes:

    The very first thing I colored for Jeremy, and my first look at Skyward. Inked by Kelly Dale. I did this sometime in 2009, before I ever knew it was going to be a series. I think it was his convention banner for a while.

    A Thor pinup by Jeremy, inked by Ryan Stegman (I think?). I colored this one for fun, then it was turned into a convention print and I began to color a lot of things for Jeremy.

    The cover for Issue 1 of Skyward, done in 2011. Quinn's costume color had been finalized since the first time I'd colored him.

    Pages 2 and 3 of Skyward #1, also from 2011. My main memory of this page is agonizing over coloring all that water. (Because water is horrible, awful stuff if you're a colorist).

    More from that sequence. Fur, water, foliage, and wet clothing. All super tough things to color that I'd never really tackled until Jeremy Dale gave me the challenge.

    That's all for now! I'll post more when I get the chance tomorrow.
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    Good work, looks clean


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      Thanks, HeagSta! It's weird to look back on work that's so old when I'm not in the same place creatively anymore.

      Here's another chunk of images.

      From 2010, a Green Lantern convention print I colored for Jeremy.

      From 2013, Skyward #2, Page 12. Two years makes a big difference in what I was capable of bringing to the colors.

      Page 13. Mixing flashback and present-time color schemes.

      A double-page spread from Issue 3, Pages 12 and 13.

      Issue 3, Page 14. Water wasn't nearly as scary as the first time I'd tackled it, back in Skyward #1.

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        Here's some more color work over Jeremy's art.

        I recolored the cover to Skyward #1 sometime in 2013, when the issue was reprinted.

        Another page from Skyward #3.

        Also in 2013, Jeremy drew a licensed Superbowl comic with characters from NFL's Rush Zone cartoon. I colored it in a much more animated style than Skyward.

        On this page of the story, Jeremy caricatured himself, me, and his wife Kelly into Panel 3.

        Just fun stuff all around.

        And knowing it'd be sold at the Superbowl was a pretty cool boost.
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          Another batch of pages I want to share here.

          One of my favorite pages of the run I colored. Just a quiet scene, but I like the lighting.

          Well, it started as a quiet scene.

          Then it got intense.

          Colors for the cover of Issue #2. I was still getting used to the style of this art at this early point.

          Colors for Issue #5.

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            Here's the last batch of images I wanted to share.

            I colored an Avengers piece by Jeremy in 2012 for a convention print, with inks by Mikey Babinski.

            I'll wrap up with a string of covers for Skyward that I colored.

            Here's #6.

            Issue #7. Very simple, but I still love this image.

            Issue #10.

            And lastly, the cover for the trade collection of the first volume of SKYWARD.
            This image was basically a reimagined version of the cover for #1, for both Jeremy and myself.

            That's all! Thanks for letting me share all this stuff. Jeremy was an amazing artist, and I really love the work I was able to do with him over the last few years. I'm really saddened that there won't be any more coming down the line.
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              Good to see you back around here, although I wish it was under different circumstances. There's some fantastic coloring in here. I found it interesting that you rendered the grass three different ways on that Issue 1 cover (including the trade version).

              Also a big fan of how much the Issue 7 cover pops and of the way you colored the villain(?) on the cover of issue 5. Love how the line work switches to red as the blue takes over there.


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                What a wonderful tribute, these colors look fantastic....
                He would be proud =)

                One of the things you should add, is some lighting and shadows coming from the leaves of the trees, and some shadows coming from the clouds in the sky, in this way, the lighting is more dynamic and detailed, and the characters are truly a part of their environment....

                (Like this one for example:
                Fantastic colors!
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                    Krikkit- thanks! Glad to be back here.

                    Grass has always been tricky, especially tall grass like in that cover. I think the third one mixes the approach of both of the previous ones in a way that works pretty well for the style. I'm sure, though, that if I were doing it again there'd be a fourth approach in the mix. :-)
                    With that Issue 5 cover, I was trying to take a trick from the Dave Johnson playbook. I've always loved the bold way he mixes linework and color with tricks like that, and it seemed to fit the cover well.

                    Phyffees- You're totally right, and I'm really not sure why I never actually used that dappled lighting. Basically the whole story takes place in a forest and it would have been much more evocative to do that. Thanks for pointing that out.
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                      top notch coloring bro
                      [email protected]




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                        Thanks, Shannon.
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