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Zenescope - robyn hood and jungle book

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  • Zenescope - robyn hood and jungle book

    pencils and inks by Richard Ortiz

    now in pre order for March 2015

    all the fiddly bits meant this one took ages!

    pencils and inks by Alfredo Reyes

    clearly channelling the movie "Life of Pi" here It was heaps of fun making up that sky! It uses a mixture of photos, gradients and painted bits all set to different layer modes over each other, then on top of that I had to reference the original movie poster sky appearance...!

    now out n pre order for March 2015 -->

    I colour stuff...

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    The light source(s) in that second picture are quite confusing.

    The woman's backside and shoulder are glistening in the sun - yet the sun is creating a shadow on the opposite side of the boat (a shadow of the rope).

    The woman's shadow feels inconsistent - as it's directly beneath her.

    So....there's a light source on either side of the boat - AND directly above them. 3 suns?

    Her feet look like they're hovering an inch above the surface of the boat too.
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