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  • My friend as a Jedi

    A project I recently finished. I like how the color came out but I would also like to know what's weak on the image.

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    Overall I like this image, but the left hand, the one that is open and not gripping the light saber just seems kind of there, it doesn't have a sense of vitality. I think a different positioning of the fingers would breathe life into the composition, instead of just having the fingers splayed out the way you have them. I say this not to bash your art, but to give you constructive criticism. Everything else looks great, and I love the coloring job you did!
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      Good point, I appreciate the colors compliment.


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        Anatomy-wise, the thing that stands out for me is that his hands are different sizes (the one holding the saber is much bigger).

        The fact that his shoulders appear slightly hunched up - and that his elbows are both tight in, touching his waist - sap the energy from his pose. I think that you could have tried a much more 'billowing' and exciting cloak outline as well. That would also have improved the dynamism of the piece.

        I've done a very quick (and rough) draw over on the piece to show how putting him a more kinda 'baseball' pose (raised arms, widened stance) and adjusting the volume of his cloak improves the feeling of potential motion in the character.

        Having said all that, I'm sure your friend is going to love what you've done for him.

        I would just suggest (in future) you thumbnail some poses to get a sense of what works best before committing to one for your final piece.

        Hope that's useful.
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          Beastie's got you covered as far as the pose goes, so I figure I'd say something about the coloring. I wished you would have been a little bolder with the lighting and gave a little more emphasis to what ought to have been the main light source; the light saber.

          A quick and sloppy draw over:

          By no means perfect, but you get the idea. The colors just look very washed out and lifeless, but add a little starker contrast between light and shadow, some colored light casting from the saber, and you've got a lot more dynamic piece. The light saber is supposed to be POWERFUL. You need to show that with your colors.
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            @Beastie I really see it, that pose that you've got is dynamic and powerful. @Angry Hatter great point and color display. I've had several critiques of my colors being dull and muddy, you seem to have fixed that issue here in minutes, thanks.


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