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    What do you guys think? i'm new to using a tablet so I feel pretty good about this. I wanted some a bit more simple on the color side. I might try to do more detailed shading at some point but i'm not sure yet.

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    Works for me.

    I'd throw a gradient in the background just to tone it down a wee bit. Either a top to bottom light green to darker green, or a circular with the dark beginning behind the head. It's good contrast now, but so vibrant it distracts from the face.
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      Do you always use your tablet to trace photos? I've never understood the point of tracing a photo then "dressing it up" with a few elements like stripes to the scarf and garish colors. Do yourself a favor and actually put in the time to learn to draw and quit taking shortcuts because it's painfully obvious that you are.


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        Yeah, right now what you've got just looks like a simple trace job with some saturated colours thrown on for good measure.

        So, as far as the drawing goes - I'd say have a go at it without tracing. Also, don't be lazy with lines (your mark-making for his hair is effective - but the lines on his scarf are distracting scribbles).

        With regard to the colouring - I'd tone it down a bit. Those bright colours clash and hurt my eyes. The colour choices you make can have a huge impact on the feeling your images convey. For instance, these bright, super-saturated tones scream 'cheap' - whilst a more muted, calm palette might suggest a move towards a more 'classy' piece.

        But, yeah, the main thing would be to avoid the trace option.
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