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  • Kinetics pin up

    This is my character Kinetics, she has apparead on Americomics (AC) Femforce. (a 'good girl' fun comic with many golden age characters)

    Like other work I've posted, I like (or influenced) by anime (not manga) so I use cel-shading as coloring and little to no line weight, I plan to experiment with other inking methods.

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    I'm not partial to cellshading myself, so I'll just give you my feedback and if it's useful--great.

    1. Overall it's a nice drawing, I don't have any major issues with it but there are things I would tweak.
    2. You have a lot of disconnected lines, mainly in the cape. I think they're unnecessary. You could indicate the interior contour through shading or have the lines run all the way. Floating black lines are clumsy and flatten the image.
    3. The cleavage lines are floating, so it looks like she has an indentation in her chest, rather than 2 breasts.
    4. There's an angularity to the edge of the cape. It makes it look stiff, like a bent piece of foil, rather than cape-like.
    5. The indentation where the bicept is inserting into the top of the forearm is harsh. It makes her arm look a little broken to me.
    6. It looks like you have white highlights on the skin. I would really avoid this, as it almost invariably gives a surface a plastic quality. Unless hse's made out of plastic or some non fleshlike substance.
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      Somethings bothering me about her eyes. It might be that big, light blue eyes with no pupils make me think of cataracts. Yeah, I think that's it. She looks like she has cataracts. So, unless its an integral design feature for the character - I'd think about giving her pupils.

      Aside from that, be careful when lining up clothing etc down the centre of the body. The gold emblem that starts at her chest and comes down towards her stomach is completely off-skew.

      I've moved it across so its 'more correct' (not 100% cos I did it quickly) - but hopefully you can see what I mean

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        Thanks for the nice comments, all valid, on the eyes I wanted to give it like a more 'bright' look but at the same time working on figuring out a coloring method that would be fast yet look good, as far as cel-shading goes. It's true the eyes didn't got that desired effect.

        Thanks for the tip on the cape about the broken lines and her chest symbol been not in line with her torso.


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