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  • Overwatch Tracer Ala Kill La Kill

    So I just got a bunch of new markers and was looking for an excuse to try them out when this silly thought of what would it look like if Tracer from Blizzards new Overwatch game was designed by Trigger.

    It started out as a bit of fun poking and testing out my color markers.

    Prismacolor Markers and Fine Line Marker on Bristol. Sets used: French Gray, Cool Gray, Portrait, and Assorted 24.
    - Dan

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    Haha you nailed the trigger costume design!
    That shading is amazing, I've never been able to get anything nice from working with traditional coloring methods. Watch out for your proportions though, that head seems to get slightly large.
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      I agree--that was one of the more difficult choices to straddle between the Blizzard head proportion or the Trigger head proportion. I erred on the Trigger side since I wasn't sure the costume would really sell well on the original Blizzard body shape:

      - Dan


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