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  • 'Kate'

    Here's a character by that I drew sometime ago.

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    I like the outfit, especially the corset. the thing that's throwing me off is the sword and knife. the big one looks like the blade is coming towards you when it should be facing away and blade on the smaller one seems a bit too short (makes it look like a silver banana).

    If you're going for something like the rapier/dagger combo below, I'd make both blades longer.


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      To me, it looks like the breasts are off-position from her upper torso, indicated by the position and perspective of her shoulders and collarbones: Her upper torso is turned slightly left, but the breasts are drawn too evenly in a way where they look like they're positioned in a straight-front view instead of following the upper torso. This, in turn, makes it look like the lower torso twists under the shoulders instead of at the waist.

      I agree with Lazerwulv on the blades.

      Other than that, nice design! I, too, like the corset/dress.
      Phillip Ginn


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        Thank you both.

        Both are right. Design of the character for angelickitty89 or katiramoon it's her character.


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