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Some '80s He-Man Fanart (The Sorceress and some MOTU sketches)

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  • Some '80s He-Man Fanart (The Sorceress and some MOTU sketches)

    Hi, it's been ages since I posted here. Anyways just wanted to post some uh... ~recent~ art I did of He-man and MOTU

    I uploaded a vectormation of the Sorceress painting to my youtube channel if you're curious in seeing how it was made.

    I'm also planning on creating some longdraws (basically long uniterrupted drawing sessions) to my channel, so the next time I do more pencil work, I'll try to record it so please subscribe if you like it. Thanks for looking!

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    This looks gorgeous! Especially the Sorceress!

    (Although her expression seems to me a bit... how shall I put it... ambiguous )

    But jokes aside, from a fan of the MOTU: this is beyond awsome


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      Originally posted by AdamEer View Post
      This looks gorgeous! Especially the Sorceress!
      What he said!
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        Fantastic work, please show more!


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          AdamEer, Teratophile, BPS Morganza> Thanks for the comment guys!

          AdamEer> I loved MOTU growing up too and the Sorceress was a character I've always wanted to draw. I think her expression is in direct response to hearing He-Man yelling out "I HAVE THE POWER!"

          Morganza> I have an old unfinished Sorceress piece, but the look is much different and not very attractive since I was going for a specific type of stylization. When I realized how man people didn't like this, I had to toss it, and start from scratch.

          Also here's a pencil sketch I did of Gorgon:


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            Wow, I think it's great work Bosatsu!

            I wouldn't worry too much about what people think of the content, great art is great art, if someone objects to it then it becomes their problem.


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              Wow man, your painting skills are incredible! Wish you'd post more of this!
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                Love The Sorceress. She does indeed have the power.


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