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Wonder Woman, Miss Deeplane and Kinetics pin ups, comments please :)

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  • Wonder Woman, Miss Deeplane and Kinetics pin ups, comments please :)


    Looking for comments and critics, thank you.

    UPDATE: 'Miss Deeplane' and 'Kinetics' were removed, true, one image per topic is better.

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    Normally people just put one finished image in a topic so I'll critique the WW since it's a complete figure.
    There are a number of missteps, please don't take these personally, I'm just running through the figure and pointing out things that come to mind.

    WW -
    Bubble breasts are a no-no. Her rib cage on our left side looks extremely unnatural. Her knees are too low. Her left leg is too short. Her feet aren't planted on the ground. Her fingers appear to be cut off after the first knuckle. Her left leg appears to just go directly up to her waist/butt without any sort of pelvic connection. Her right arm is longer than her left. Her eyes are gigantic and a bit high along with her nose. I'm not personally fond of that style of nose but there's nothing technically wrong with it.. other than it just not appearing feminine. I think her torso and hips might be a bit on the narrow side for the size of her head. Her chest (not boobs actual chest cavity) is definitely narrow. Her collarbones/clavicle don't flow to her deltoids and come together off-center. Her left trapezius is a tad small. The stars on her bottom seem completely random as opposed to those on her actual costume which follow a pattern. The hair highlights don't follow the actual hair. Some of your shadows don't make sense and her skin has some highlights that make her look like she's covered in latex. Be mindful of how low of a point you bring her belt to. In the designs where it has that peak it doesn't tend to go that low or sharp, otherwise she'd be stabbing herself every time she bends over.

    For the highlights.. if you're going to keep them, don't go so bright on the skin. Look at your arm in a bright light. Look at pictures of people in sunlight. As a general rule in art that uses color.. use white sparingly and only on things that offer a reflection or have a special smooth finish (some exceptions etc etc). Also, don't place a highlight right next to a shadow on a form that doesn't have a finish or a drastic change in form.. it doesn't make sense. To help train your eye on highlights, take some photos into photoshop and desaturate them. (easy shortcut, open picture, hit ctrl+U and drag the saturation slider all the way to the left). Study the way the shadows and highlights define the form. Do the same with pictures involving metal jewelry.

    For the anatomy issues just do a bunch of studies. It comes with time. Look in the section on the forums with tips and advice and stuff. There are some great anatomy tips and guides etc.

    Lastly, when you're working digitally, it helps to have a second window of a smaller version of your image open. In Photoshop just go to Window>Arrange and then at the bottom there will be an option to open a new window for the image. Just drag the new window out and it'll be at like 10% or whatever and you can glance over while you're working zoomed in on the main window. If you don't have dual monitors this is probably not going to help you but having dual monitors as an artist is pretty much a must (prepares to be told I'm wrong by a ton of tablet users etc).
    I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. ~Pablo Picasso

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      Thank you for the post , I don't take them personally, I do need the critics to check my work and improve, so I thank you for all the comments as you included several areas of the image, from anatomy to shadows and lightning.

      I work digitally but do the first sketch in pencil and paper, I know what you mean about the full figure, you can lost the general view working that way, that's why my first step is pencil and actually like it that way. Only on some projects I work fully digital from beginning to end.

      I'll remove the other images and post them on separated topics later, it's true, one on each topic is better.

      Thank you!


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        You're welcome
        Don't get hung up on what you threw down on paper.. I hear pros calling this "getting precious" so you're basically like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I do it and I'm pretty sure everyone does. Once you get something from paper to digital you can really see a lot of the shortcomings. I've scanned art that I was sure was AWESOME and got it on the screen and was like "wha..."
        I've made a habit of whenever I scan in a sketch or drawing, I immediately convert it to blue-line on a layer and drop the opacity, then start a fresh layer with a hard edged inking brush and begin looking at the form and making revisions.
        I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. ~Pablo Picasso

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          Horizon Line...

          for the position you were going for, your proportions are actually pretty good, but your perspective is very inconsistent and you need to use some overlap for sure. I always suggest starting with a horizon line and then stick to that perspective. many mistakes can be overlooked with good perspective (spiderman is drawn broken a lot but the perspective work saves it).

          —good work ...keep it up. (:


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            Thank you ! this is very kind of you.


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