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    [email protected]

    hello friends...
    A commission for my friend here in Brazil.
    [email protected]

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    Hey, nice pencil work. I really like the hands and the shading on the black dress.

    As for crits I would say you pushed the features of the face too far for my liking - the eyes are extremely long and their outer corner is just way too high. This gives a distorted, warped feel to the face as if the skin and the features were pulled up towards the top left and top right corner of the skull. I know this eye type is pretty popular, so this could be classified as a style choice, though I recon she would get a prettier, cuter look with some more average eyes. If you are up for some experimenting, just cover the bit of the face where the eyes are and try to imagine how else you could draw that bit.
    Also, the fluffy parts of the dress could use a bit more work, especially the collar. It looks flat against the top contour of the trapezius and its overall texture gives more the impression of an old rag than a fluffy collar.
    I hate drawing fur as well, but I learned that if you set yourself to doing it properly, you can get nice results surprisingly easily (compared to what you expect :-) ). My current trick is to add waves to the fur, like waves of grass on a filed blown by the wind in a computer background kinda setting. But actually it is just an imitation how light will give you shadows in the fur. It has mass and geometry, that's the key.

    Something like Guffy's old pyjama

    against Princess Ardala's fluffy head thingy:

    Keep posting.
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      Hello Elinar ...
      Thanks for your comment and for the tips.


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        This is cool

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          I agree with einer on the fur, however not on the hands. I fell like the fingers are too small mainly because they look flat. Also her hands appear to be hovering. Is she suppose to be touching herself? Need some perspective and depth to show exactly where her hands are at in comparison to her body
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