Pencils by Adriano Batista
Inks by Juan Torres

The "Inkwell" group on DA asked me to offer a highres pencils file that I might have handy for their recent inkers challenge, so I chose this one by Adriano. The prize was to win the challenge plus you'd also get your inks coloured up by me and a copy of the high res colours to print for yourself (purely non-commercial use of course). There were about 10 entries, which can be seen over at the Inkwell group and while all good in their own way, Juan's had that little extra edge over the others.

So after some paying work getting in the way, I've finally finished the colours! I was going for a cold environment where Sonja's on top of the mountain, freezing her tits off in a metal bikini and then *this* guy decides to give her some attitude!... No wonder she's looking annoyed :P