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    Hey all!! Long time no talk, been busy with pitch projects and commissions. I want to share some of my recent commission work with you all. Hope you dig!!

    I'm currently accepting commissions, for more info check it out:

    I'm also taking on paid sequential work, you can get in touch with me at: nicholas.valente(at)

    Thanks for looking and enjoy!!


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    Good stuff Nick. Galactus' eyes are too high and flat. They should be lower and curve with the helmet. I did a drawover to show what I mean.

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      Yeah that totally makes sense, I can see where I messed that up. Thanks a ton for taking the time to do a draw over, much appreciated!!



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        These are really nice - the foreshortening on the arm/hand in the second one is great. Love the expression on the last one, also looks like lots of fun to do a picture like this.

        The faces in the Wonder Woman picture, love them (she looks mad, but very sweet). I only notice it because I see it in a lot in my work, but the arms seem too small/too short. Not so much on Wonder Woman, but the other one. I'd maybe make them bigger and maybe make her calf/foot a little smaller (it's fairly big compared to he thigh). But very nice pencil drawings - clean, study lines and fun to look at.


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          Fairchild looks like she's going to tear an ACL.
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