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    Finished up this pencil Illo tonight. Let me know what you think.

    rask by davidfbovey, on Flickr
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    I dig it Dave. The only thing that stands out to me as off, and perhaps it's just me, is his face looks like a combination of happy and serine... not angry and scared, or aggressive and focused. Not sure what it is, but otherwise the piece looks awright by me. Keep it up ma man.

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      Originally posted by BringerOfStorms View Post
      his face looks like a combination of happy and serine... not angry and scared
      Yeah, you've drawn the face at an incredibly tricky angle - but it's definitely not 100%, IMO.

      The facial features actually remind me of French Stewart's character in Third Rock from the Sun.

      Love all the drapery.
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        This is gorgeous! I actually don't have any issues with the face at all, but the feet....?

        That being said, though, I have dreams about being able to pencil sick shiz like this! Awesome work!
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          Awesome work Dave. I'm really glad you are back.

          As for crits, the missing feet and the blank bits in the grass and rock around the leg bothered me as well, guess it's the result of bringing the figure into the background. Apart from that, great stuff.

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            I'm always impressed by the strength of your
            rendering and composition, but there is also some pretty cool
            design work in this piece, such as the weapons and costuming
            of the main figure, the creature, the plants and the overall
            mythical environment you've created. Exciting stuff.
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              Thanks a lot dudes. I agree with what's been mentioned, about the feet especially. Got lazy there. May add some effort there.

              BoS, I see what you are saying about the message the facial expression is saying. It's a halfling type character that is supposed to be "one with nature" much like an elf would be. Didn't particularly have any kind of emotion in mind except the character about to handle his business. Probably difficult to pull off with a character that nobody is really familiar with.


              Thanks Bob and Einar, definitely agree about the feet.

              Mike, Thanks man. I've been working on a lot of concept stuff lately and putting more effort into trying to make more unique bits and pieces to set things apart. Glad it's showing through.
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                Nice. But the nose is too low. And I agree he looks very happy...Whether done on purpose or not, the smile peaks my curiosity.
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