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  • Cleineclypto - Done and Dusted

    Embodying my inner night owl, I spent the better half of last night wrapping up on this piece and I’m pleased to say it’s finally done (even if my coffee detoxing did take a hit in the process).

    You’ve probably been wondering about the peculiar name of this piece. If you’ve never heard of Cleineclypto and can’t track down its dictionary meaning, that’s because it’s actually a new word I invented. Some may even call my word creating ability a talent in and of itself.

    It actually relates back to the story revolving around this comic book illustration, which some of you have already asked about. I guess, come to think of it, I do kind of owe you an explanation to this intriguing warrior duo. So let me take a moment to put your curiosity to rest and give you a little back story.

    Cleineclypto is an ambiguous term referring to an apocalyptic war between man and demon. When the minions of hell tore through an inter-dimensional rift into our world, they infested the Earth and turned it into their new dominion. All-out war ensued as man and beast met in battle. Most of humanity was killed off, enslaved or eaten by the demonic invaders.

    Seline was among the survivors who’d lived through the invasion. She was alone now, holding the shards of a shattered life she’d once known. It wasn’t long before Seline was swallowed up inside an endless void harbouring only vengeance.

    Eurgon, a demonic warrior aiding in the invasion of Earth had also survived the war, but only just. In fact if he was to endure the torture of his captors any longer, the beast would surely give out.

    This band of rebels had captured the injured creature in the post apocalypse and sought to quell their anger through cruelty. Eurgon’s fate was bleak to say the least. You see, when a demon falls it is abandoned by its peers, outcast, due to a hierarchy where only the strongest survive.

    Seeing the glow of fiery torches in the distance, Seline unknowingly wandered into the rebel hideout. Hope began to flood her. It had been so long since she’d seen another living soul. Maybe she wasn’t the only one who had survived after all.

    Unfortunately for Seline, these rebels weren’t the friendly comrades she’d hoped to make. The structure of society had fallen apart and now this pack of wild rebels were fuelled by nothing more than primal needs and instinct. They were free to act accordingly without consequence.

    If not for her blade bearing skills, and the agility of a trained assassin, Seline would have been captured by these fiends and could have well been worse off than Eurgon.

    Amongst the severed limbs of her new found ‘comrades’, she sat by the warmth of the fire – staring at the bar bound beast before her. Eurgon’s voice spoke to Seline in a low, resonating undertone, deep within her mind.

    She knew then, after he’d uttered his final words that Eurgon was her, and she was Eurgon. Two entities with nothing left. Revenge filled husks.

    Seline mended his wounds and nursed Eurgon back to health. He had been a warrior, commanded by the overlords as a bringer of death. He had never known mercy nor given it. If not for Seline the giant beast would not have lived, and now Eurgon was in her dept.

    Eurgon became the comrade Seline had hoped to find inside the rebel dwelling. With Seline as his leader and Eurgon as her protector the two set out on an aimless quest. As the skies grew ever darker and the remains of humanity dwindled ever more inside a world picked to the bone by battling beasts and men; two warriors sought to find a new purpose through vengeance.

    Well that’s it folks, that’s the epic saga behind the comic book illustration you see before you. Probably the result of watching too much Berserk and my new found love for Game of Thrones.

    The original concept for Cleineclypto came about when I was first designing . I knew that the site’s center piece needed to be something that would inspire my visitors. Luckily I had the perfect recipe in mind – A beastly monstrosity, sexy heroine warrior, and some glossy swords to boot!

    OK – That’s it for now, time to get back to it. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. Talk to you soon!

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    Man, wall of text, had to keep it to the piece! I love the linework, especially on the chick. On thing came to mind instantly and it's more a concept thing, but I think it would look more natural to have the long side of the blade of the knife facing away from her neck. I think the colors on the blue guy make him a little flat, I think some slight highlights on his hand and face could give hom more depth. Anyway, great piece, hope to see more from you soon, I enjoyed all your posts so far!

    Good luck with the detox, haha!
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      More or less what Pete said, plus that stitched (?) object on the other side of the gal is not clear. Is that the stump of the demon's arm? Also, maybe you can do a full shot of the two at some point?


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        This has got to be your best artwork yet. The colors in this are amazing and Is AWESOME


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