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superheroine and midnight beast

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  • superheroine and midnight beast

    I just started doing some superhero oc's and found this site, so
    thought i would post a couple.

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    Welcome to PJ! That's pretty good. What medium? I wouldn't mind seeing a pencil and/or inked version of that.


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      Originally posted by Helob View Post
      Welcome to PJ! That's pretty good. What medium? I wouldn't mind seeing a pencil and/or inked version of that.
      Thank you. It's pencil sketch coloured in PS. I don't ink, just
      scan the pencil sketch. If i can find, i'll post it.


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        Nice piece, joshflynn! The Midnight Beast definitely looks like he's headed for at least second base!!! LOL! And welcome aboard, lad! I look forward to seeing more!


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          Welcome to this place! Now, some critiques:

          As far as the coloring is concerned, you seem to be at a pretty good level, skill wise. On this piece, we have the moon in the background but it doesn't seem to be casting the primary source of light. I know there's a city beneath them, so you could just say that the major light source on the left is coming from some city lights that we can't see, but it still kind of irks me. That goes with some of the highlights as well. They just seem thrown around arbitrarily.

          Now that we've talked light, let's talk shadow! (yay!) Every part of skin or fabric or anything that overlaps something else should have a bit of shadow separating it, (and thus, distinguishing it), from the thing it's up against. This helps keep the colors from looking muddy and blobbed together. Take for example, the back of her arm or where here calve curves up toward her thigh on her bent leg. I'd either have a shadow around every edge or a reflective light to help draw those pieces out.

          As far as anatomy, there are little things like the legs being different sizes, the shoulder/tricep muscles being wrong and then a couple nit pick tiny things here and there, (should we be able to see her chest the way it is and still see so much of her back? )

          As for general critiques: For a chick about to have her tit bitten off by wolfman, her face doesn't really have much expression to it. Is she elated because she'd always secretly wanted to be physically accosted by a Universal monster? Is she frightened because she knows that he's probably got rabies and she doesn't want that kind of evil trying to fit one of her globes in its rictus? Is she disgusted because his breath smells like open ass? She kind of just has a ..... expression on her face, (this might also be because her bottom lip seems retracted... another one of those nit-picky things I was talking about in the anatomy section).

          Also, is that a mask around her eyes? It might be more distinguishable with some shadow around it, (see critique 1: Light and Shadows).

          Her cape/hair: Would suggest she's going toward woflman and a good pace, but her body language seems to suggest she's going the other way. This jars me. I'm in a jar now. Goddamnit! I'm in a jaaaaaaaaar! Help me! Somebody help! Screw it. I guess I'm stuck here. Welcome to penciljack.
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            Thanks man, yes, he def looks like he's a horny beast


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              Hey, thanks for taking the time to give it a critique. You're right, i did take some liberties here
              and there, her boobs certainly wouldnt be on show quite like that.
              I shall endeavour to do a better job in the future.
              Thanks for your welcome.


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