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Spaceman & Bloater Poster Colors

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  • Spaceman & Bloater Poster Colors

    Hey everyone! After roughly 80 hours from thumbnail to final, I’ve finished this poster! I “penciled” and “inked” it in Manga Studio EX5 and colored it in Photoshop CS5 It features my characters, Spaceman & Bloater as well as two members of the supporting cast. It was very much inspired by Richard Amsel's poster for Raiders of the Lost arc which I've always loved! I hope you like it!

    I haven't done too much with these characters yet but here are some of the short comics I've done featuring them! (Except for the squirrel he hasn't made his comics debut yet.)

    1st story: The Orb of Raahg

    2nd story: Stranded for the Holidays
    3rd story: Klick Klak

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    This is sooo cool! Nicely executed both in the drawing and composition.
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      Thanks Rene!


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        I love those colours. Very colourful without being too bright/saturated. Well done!


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          Thanks CrazyDiamond!


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            Nothing better than original characters! Nice one!
            Love the colors. Only thing is the gun pointing strangely to the side, it looks off, cause his eyes are looking right at me, but the gun doesn't, you cathc my drift...

            Post more !
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              Thanks Pete I'm glad you like it! I actually had the gun pointing more forward in one stage of the drawing but it made Spaceman look too sinister, like he was trying to shoot the viewer. So I put it off to the side a bit because he's not that kind of character. I also tried turning his head more down the barrel but since he's the center of the piece it kinda threw it off balance-wise at least for me. I thought maybe we could be seeing the moment right after the shot.


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