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The Evolution of Nightwing

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  • The Evolution of Nightwing

    I read the first few trades of the New 52 Nightwing, and figured I should probably draw some Dicks.

    Let me know what you think!
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    Nice Dicks.

    Background is great. The characters are on point. Only thing Im confused about - is he standing ala Spider-man on the side of the building?

    Also I'd continue the stars a bit more towards the buildings/dusk.

    Good stuff Rob. Faces remind me of Capullo.
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      Nice, only thing that stick out to me is the lower right version could use a little neck. It appears his head is resting on his traps, and his chest overlapping his chin makes him look like No-Neck Joe.

      Great background. Great colors. And I've always loved these multiple figure action shots. Using that to show off his various iterations is a cool idea.
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        Very nice! It has a classic Gotham City at night feel, and the smallest Dicks have a nice energy to them.

        The pose of the biggest Dick seems unnatural, the bottom half and top half of the body don't seem to gel as an overall pose. I originally read it as a jumping pose, with Nightwing posed to dish out a beating. For my own curiosity, I flipped the legs horizontally, and to my eye it looks better like that, but obviously you'd have to fix up the waist area. If he's on the side of the building some shadows from his feet will anchor him to the wall. The chin also seems like it's tucked in too far, as if the head has sunk into the body, but I'm hardly an anatomy expert.

        My second nitpick, which might very well be wrong, is that the perspective of the water tower seems a little off. It might even be just the bands. Maybe it's right and my eye is off.

        I like the image enough that the little things stick out a lot more to me! The inking and colours are top notch.
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          this is cool.
          there are some minor issues with anatomy
          and perspective, but overall, this is a really
          nice piece of super-hero comic book art.
          fun, colourful and energetic. well done.

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            Nice illo. The foremost NW's neck somehwat tad short to nonexistent.


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              Thanks for the comments, guys! I'll definitely watch out for that no neck thing on the next one!
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                Originally posted by RobWSales View Post
                Thanks for the comments, guys! I'll definitely watch out for that no neck thing on the next one!
                Don't worry too much. I have the opposite problem.

                A tendency to make necks too long.

                We'll have to meet somewhere in the middle.
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                  Cool piece. reminds me of that dick grayson flipping on the rooftops from Robin => Nightwing in the late 90s / early 00s
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                    Hmmm. I LOVE the first 3 figures - but the last one really knocks the wind out of the pic for me.

                    His head isn't well placed, he's missing one side of his upper torso (!?) - and his legs are facing the wrong way (it hurts the fluid movement of the piece for them to be going against the direction of movement). Also, I agree that the legs being set in the way they are makes him look like he could be taking up a Spidey pose with the soles of his feet against the brickwork - and that makes him feel immediately static.

                    I've tweaked him a bit (very roughly) to show how I'd change things. I'd probably go even further with the legs - and have them flying off the page in the direction that he's travelling -- but the option I went for was an easier visual fix that didn't require any changes to his waistline etc.

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                      Thanks for the drawover! I definitely should've gone with a different pose to keep the forward momentum going. Maybe more of a jump kick or something like that. As for the missing torso, I was going for more of a 3/4 angle on his upper body, so I don't think the lat would have been visible like in your drawing. Having said that, if it looks off to you, I probably didn't pull off the angle properly! Thanks again for the time spent to illustrate your points, I really appreciate it!
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                        Your instinct to keep the motion going is correct.

                        Having a limb extend off the page really slams on the brakes, better pose or not. The better option, for the future, would be better placement of the figures in action through the page, so that each figure fits in the image area. In this case moving Nightwing a little more to the left and doing a cool leap.

                        Personally, if it were a print - I definitely wouldn't buy a print of it with a limb missing from the page.

                        As an example, look at how cropping Batman's leg just stops the action on this page.

                        Either way, I'm looking forward to see what you've got coming next.
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                          great concept.

                          Nightwing is very underrated! I love this piece.
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                            I love the background! There's a few things which I see are mentioned but some aren't. The lack of neck is addressed I see but his abs and anatomy is REALLY stiff in that same pose. The abs should flow with his movement as should the chest. The leg on the Nightwing JUST behind him seems off too. It enlarges in an odd way. I could understand if it were foreshortening but that would be if it were forward not down. In same Nightwing, his face looks old. The lines and everything make him look older. The Robin on top looks more like he's falling. Hope this helps! Awesome work!
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