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  • Fist Of Justice

    Something I've been working on. Progressions and early sketches in the "works and progress" section.

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    Nice job on this illustration, Sly! I don't know anything about the character but it's a good superhero pose and full of dynamic movement and some "in your face" foreshortening. I also like the fisheye lens cityscape background!
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      Really awesome.

      Only critique is the right arm. The deep cut in the middle of his deltoid creates an odd look for that muscle group. The simple version is three segments - foreward, middle, and rear. An easy way to think of it is a heart shape that wraps around the trapezius at the wide part, and the tapering point comes to rest between the middle of the triceps and bicep. In the illustration it looks like the middle portion of the muscle is absent. Craig Capurso is a good example, I tried to find something with a similar angle.

      His Tricep should be larger and add mass to the rear of his arm.

      Barring those critiques, I love the piece. Pretty bad ass.
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        Awesome inking job, and I love all the detail you put into the robot as well! Very nice work
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          kick- ass piece, sly.
          your inking skills are killer.

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