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  • Poison Ivy

    One of the pinups that I colored just to stay fresh between projects. Please enjoy!

    Pencils by: Jimbo Salgado Inks by: Vanessa "Sereglaure"

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    I'm digging the colors you laid down on this, colorwizard! Poison Ivy is always sexy and your colors just helped make her a little sexier!

    My only crit would be the color[s] of the sky; the way the clouds kind of line up with one another, it could almost be mistaken for water, perhaps giving someone who is uninformed the impression that PI lives unda da sea.

    And while I do like the glow effect you've used to convey sunbeams falling across her [and the scene in general], you might want to tighten them up a bit and bring them into sharper focus to more easily convey that they are, indeed, rays of light being cast from the sun.

    Overall, however, great stuff!


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