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Inking and Pencilling, of Domino

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  • Inking and Pencilling, of Domino

    Hello Every one... Korey Barton here, again

    Thought i might share, my illustration on here, of Domino, which is, based on Rob Liefelds interpretation of the character.... I actually done it for a little competition on Comic Vine, which was to redraw any of Rob Liefeld's characters from the x-force...

    i do love feed back, so feel free to give me some.... i was worried about, the reflections of the suit in the inking though, ( it's kind of hard guessing for me, and unfortunately im still trying to master it )... How ever i do think iv'e done reasonably well, with the cross hatches...

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    Pretty solid, for the most part, especially the inks.

    A few things:

    1) I think you should draw her left hand holding the gun. I'd draw the other hand too, whether also holding the gun or just hanging at her side.

    2) Her right leg is at too much of an angle for her to be standing. It looks like she's kicking out her right leg and that's not a likely pose. I'd straighten out the other leg more, make the right leg less at an angle and I'd complete both legs.

    3) Refine the gun a bit more (and maybe make it less Liefeldian). Maybe draw a handle for her right hand to grasp and also draw a trigger handle for the left hand.
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      I like your inking style here.
      it reminds me a bit of the underground artist
      Spain Rodriguez.
      However, the figure's lack of hands is bit awkward and
      uncomfortable. her right arm seems to disappear about
      halfway down. try and find some reference of people holding guns.
      good effort. let's see some more.
      Odds 'n' Sods Art Blog


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        Thank you so much for your feed back MJames and Helob .... i do agree, i could have tried working on making the hands visible. although the reason the left leg was out, was because she was supposedly posing a bit, and leaning, but i can see now how it may look like it's to far out... Thanks so much for the feed back ...


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          Her head seems not long enough


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            Inking is a teeny bit heavy-handed for my taste, but "taste" is what it is. Do you ink with brush, marker, technical-pen, or what? I think the translation from the pencil to the inks is just fine, though you lose some detail That I like in the pencil (especially in the face). Keep it up!


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